Standardization of employee document workflow and management with Enova365

Case study of an e-Commerce industry leader.


Our client, a European leader in the e-Commerce industry, is a renowned fashion and lifestyle platform in Poland. It employs 200+ individuals and is experiencing rapid growth. However, its dispersed internal structure,  with many locations in Poland and branches overseas, posed challenges in managing internal employee documentation.

Furthermore, both office and logistics employees required a more efficient way to manage their work hours. Manual timekeeping records were cumbersome, and the absence of suitable tools for internal document management created disarray.

The final challenge was customizing work schedule planning for various locations and departments. An adaptable tool was necessary to address these specific needs.

The client approached us with the request to find and implement a suitable tool tailored to their needs.

bpion payroll accounting


Our Client’s decision to enter into this partnership was driven by several key factors, most notably our modern and flexible Resource and Capacity Planning (RCP) system. The RCP system was seamlessly integrated with the Enova365 payroll system, where salary calculations are processed, making it a powerful tool for time and attendance management.

  • During the implementation phase, we went above and beyond to simplify payroll processes. We programmed automatic payroll components tied to working hours, eliminating the need for manual calculations and data entry. This efficiency enhancement significantly reduced the margin of error and saved valuable time for our client.
  • In parallel, we streamlined internal document workflows. Through a dedicated workflow developed in collaboration between our team and the client, as well as BPiON, we ensured that as much of the document processing as possible was automated. This not only improved efficiency but also reduced the likelihood of bottlenecks in document handling.

One of the critical achievements in this project was the uniformity we introduced across all branches and locations. We implemented standardized procedures that catered to the specific needs of each department while maintaining a cohesive approach for the entire company. This meant that the benefits of our solutions were realized across the board, resulting in a more synchronized and harmonious work environment.


The culmination of this project yielded distinct and impressive results, impacting our client positively on multiple levels.

Here are the main conclusions and benefits that we were able to achieve:

  • Standardization of Document Workflow Processes: The introduction of standardized document workflow processes resulted in a single communication channel, reducing the number of emails sent by half. This significantly improved the clarity and efficiency of internal communication.
  • Elimination of Manual Time and Attendance Tracking: By eliminating manual time and attendance tracking and fully automating the process, we managed to significantly reduce the time required for preparing payroll and eliminate the risk of errors in salary calculations. This time was reduced to just one-third of the original time spent on these tasks.
  • Programming of Individual Payroll Components and Their Automation: Through the ability to program individual payroll components and automate them, employees received salaries that took into account their specific needs. This increased employee satisfaction and greatly streamlined payroll processes.
  • Uniform Reporting for the Entire Company: The implementation of a uniform reporting system for the entire company significantly improved information flow and enabled faster decision-making based on the available data.

Adapting RCP for diverse departments with full automation of time-related components was a significant challenge. However, the final time savings proved not only impressive but also highly tangible for the client’s HR department, its employees, and our specialists responsible for maintaining the highest quality of service.

Aleksandra Nowicka
Manager, BPiON

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