Frequently asked questions regarding BPiON accounting & payroll outsourcing services

Our FAQ page is a concise and user-friendly hub designed to answer your most common questions and provide clarity on various aspects of our services. Whether you’re seeking information on features, troubleshooting, or general inquiries, our FAQ page is your go-to resource for quick and straightforward answers.

What happens if our company suffers damage due to the failure of BPiON or we are subject to an official penalty? Does BPION have professional liability insurance?

The BPiON professional team handles the tasks of our clients with full care, and multi-stage control functions are built into our service structure. In spite of all mitigations, as we work with people, there’s a minimal chance for error. However, you will not be harmed in this case either, as we have professional liability insurance, which covers both our accounting and payroll services, and can even give cover to other service elements and regional levels, taking the burden of responsibility off your shoulders.

What does insurance cover?

Our insurance covers the following areas, among others: professional liability, infringement of personal rights, infringement of intellectual property rights, liability related to the Internet, recovery of documents and electronic data, and legal costs.

If I only want to allocate human resources for a specific period, to a specific sub-task of accounting or payroll, can I still contact BPiON?

The essence of the Onsite Outsourcing (OSO) is that, as a temporary/interim solution, the specialist supplied by the accounting / payroll service provider performs the duties of the vacant position at the client’s organization. The work conditions (place of work, assets, duration, control functions and many others) can be agreed flexibly either at the beginning or during the service provision. So in addition to our on-site presence, we not only provide the resources of one employee but you will have access to the entire knowledge base of our accounting/payroll team as part of the service.

Why is it better for me the onsite accounting / payroll outsourcing services than an in-house employee?

Flexible, secure, cost-effective. Our in-site specialist is supported by a professional team in several areas, so our clients receive the knowledge and control functions of several departments in one person. We always assign a senior colleague with more experience, system-level insight, and proficiency in similar tasks to work onsite. Furthermore, there won’t be obligations arising from employment, yet the colleague is always “on-hand”. Besides, in the case of absence or illness, the continuous provision of the service can be guaranteed, and these costs arise only on the service provider’s site.

Does onsite accounting/payroll outsourcing mean temporary employment / manpowering?

No, since in the case of a temporary employment service, the service provider delegates a specific employee to the client for a given position, without any professional control. In the case of on-site outsourcing, we guarantee the handling of accounting or financial tasks as part of the on-site service.

If I satisfied with the BPiON employee assigned to my onsite accounting or payroll tasks, can I take over her/him into my staff?

As we’re talking about a service here, our performance is a result of team work. Regardless, during the OSO, you have the opportunity to test the knowledge and performance of that key professional. If all the parties have a mutual sympathy towards such opportunity, the takeover can be resolved through a tripartite decision based on negotiations.

How long does it take to implement accounting / payroll services?

For creating smooth outsourced accounting and payroll service , it is necessary to devote time to the implementation processes, during which databases and data connections are established, systems are parameterized, and processes are tested. Depending on the required service, it is worth planning 1-3 months for the implementation tasks as a base scenario. The implementation period of accounting/payroll services can also be affected by whether it is the outsourcing of in-house processes or takeover from an other outsourcing provider. In the case of a takeover from another payroll or accounting outsourcing service provider, the notice period is usually enough to complete the implementation work. For in-house processes, the outsourcing process may need to be extended, as an outsource-compatible process transformation may be required. Overall, in our experience, a hasty implementation can give rise to many more problems later on, as well as take much more time from both parties to find and fix subsequent errors, degrading service quality and increasing risks.

Why is it impossible to perform implementation in parallel with the ongoing service?

The systems must be stable to be able to perform your accounting and/or payroll tasks with adequate quality. In this case, the accounting/payroll database (master data) is set up, which is a basic condition for the services. Last but not least, it is essential to mention that within the framework of the implementation process, we are likely to establish technological developments regaring the system connections, which are also prerequisites for efficient daily work.

How much does the accounting and payroll implementation cost and when can these costs be reimbursed?

The implementation costs and the payback time depend on the complexity of the client. It is affected by
1. the industry where the client operates in and the related regulatory environment and legal compliance, which must be managed at system level
2.the existing digitalization level of the transaction processes at client’s side, and the quantity & quality of the data generated and flowing during the processes, is there a database that fits into the service provider’s system?
3. complexity of the reporting needs
4. the number of employees in the case of payroll services.

In terms of return, a higher implementation cost usually assumes that we implement more automatisms, which makes regular accounting and payroll service fees cheaper. It is important to mention that there is a more complex aspect of financial return because we achieve a big step in risk management with a good implementation, so there will be less chance of penalities, the process will be much smoother, thus less administration, which can also free up huge resource costs.

What is the relevance of the implementation process if we outsource our payroll or accounting processes at first?

General argument against accounting or payroll outsourcing services is the difficulties by the distance between the client and the service provider. It is the problem that can be perfectly solved by designing a thoughtfully planned, parameterized, and tested process. In such cases, more emphasis should be given to outsource-compatible process transformation, which typically increases the customer’s internal efficiency. In the case of accounting service, part of the implementation tasks is to check the general ledger, for example, to deal with possible anomalies, irregularities, and inconsistencies in time, so you do not have to correct them at the end of the year. So it is extremely important to handle implementation tasks with due care.

How does BPiON participate in the discussions with the previous service provider regarding the takeover processes? What should we pay special attention to in such cases?

The management of data transfer between the two service providers and the role of participants can also be influenced by contractual conditions and the attitude of the service provider. BPiON will provide the needed suggestions and information for an effective takeover (eg: preferred database formats, critical questions, required documents), and we will be happy to participate in the discussions as much as possible. It is important to note here that in case of termination to a previous service provider, we recommend settling on the exact responsibilities and management of the tasks during the overlapping periods. Examples are VAT returns and year-end tasks.

How much does the payroll service cost per employee? What other costs are there in case of payroll services?

We cannot set standard prices, as many customer-specific factors can affect the service fee. Therefore, before each bid, we discuss the needs by a professional questionnaire, which covers the number of employees, the degree of fluctuation, current processes, and systems, infos regarding cafeteria / benefits, salary types, social security pay office status, etc. In each case, we prepare our proposal by considering the answers received.

How much does the accounting service cost?

Nor can we talk about fixed prices for all clients in the case of accounting tasks. Our proposal for accounting outsourcing service can also be arranged after prior discussions, which depends on, for example, the company’s activity and size, number of financial transactions and accounts, currently used systems, required financial reports, digitization of accounting inputs, etc., and accounting in our own system or whether we need to do it in the client’s ERP system. Based on all this information, we make our personalized pricing.

What is included in the monthly accounting service fee?

In the case of accounting and tax compliance services, the monthly fee includes the recording of accounting transactions, the preparation of analytics, end-of-month closures, reports, the verification of general ledger statements, the handling of tax returns, and the preparation and submission of data services (CSO, MNB). Besides, we undertake to issue invoices, record bank transfers, and prepare financial and management reports on request.

What is included in the monthly payroll service fee?

The payroll outsourcing service fee per employee includes payroll, sending electronic payrolls, preparation of HR and financial reports, preparation, and submission of official data services (NAV, NEAK, KSH). As the fluctuation is different for each company, the administrator of entrants and exits is billed based on the transactions incurred, as well as the tasks related to the administration of social security.

How many colleagues do I need to keep in touch with at the company in case of accounting and payroll services, what does communication look like?

It is important that the information reaches the right person at the right time, so we provide a dedicated contact for all our clients, with whom all communication flow related to the service is being funnelled. So you only need to keep in touch with one person.

How can I plan with my costs in case of hourly fees?

Whether it’s accounting/financial or payroll tasks, for each hourly service, we prepare a theoretical fee calculation. It includes the needed number of hours to complete the task and the hourly rate for the right dedicated colleague, so you can easily plan for the costs involved. After the actual performance, you will find a detailed hourly statement in our invoice attachment.

What happens if my BPiON contact goes on leave?

The contact person shall inform his clients in time about the duration of the leave and the contact details of the alternate colleague. An added benefit of replacement is that we support our internal workflows with our ECM system. In the system, all accounting and payroll workflows can be tracked digitally, so in the case of a sudden absence (e.g., illness), open tasks can be easily tracked and delegated to another colleague.

How many time do you need for answering my questions?

Depending on the complexity of the question, of course, our colleagues always try to answer ourclients’ questions as soon as possible. Besides, if required by our client, it can be integrated into our client-specific SLA (service level agreement) system, so we can guarantee a measurable commitment to handling issues.

What kind of financial, HR reports can be provided as part of your accounting and payroll outsourcing services?

In addition to mandatory financial reports and statements, we provide any internal management report format for both the financial and HR areas on demand. All this in the framework of digital, real-time reporting systems, which gives you a secure background in making business decisions.

In what language can I request financial or HR reports and with what frequency?

We tailor the regularity of our reports to the needs of your company and its management. We can provide reports in Hungarian and English, but also in other languages can be provided ​​based on individual development if required.

What are the benefits of BPiON’s technological background for me?

With BPiON’s accounting and payroll services, you get access to a technology base that allows you to digitize your documents, automate your processes and access systems that would not be worth it for a client alone, but can be priced at BPiON’s client base. These systems are maintained, managed, and developed daily based on client needs and professional, quality development considerations. This is a time and cost-effective solution as opposed to introducing own individual digitization tools.

Which ERP systems can be managed at your accounting / payroll service?

Our colleagues currently have extensive system knowledge in 13 different ERP systems (Korab, SAP, Eurofib, Yardi, Coda (UNIT4), Axapta – Microsoft Dynamics, Octopus, iScala, SunSystem, Oracle, ENOVA, Microsoft Navision, Exact, Kulcssoft), but if necessary in addition to providing proper training, we perform accounting tasks in any system. If there is no special client requirement, we will perform the accounting in the software of our choice.

Is it possible to use your payroll outsourcing services within the framework of our own payroll system?

Yes of course. Our payroll colleagues have serious experience in Nexon, Maxoft (Wizuálbér), Babér, SAP, etc. systems, but it has never been a problem to master new systems. Our experience has shown that the time and attendance system is most often left with our clients, this is no problem, the BPiON payroll system can be easily connected. If they don’t have a T&A (Time & Attendance) system, we can provide it.

How can I make my company more technologically mature?

You always have to go step by step. We would first recommend starting by minimizing the amount of paper, and then it is worth moving to the topic of data transformation and efficiency, optimizing processes.

There is too much paper in the office, how can BPiON help me reduce this amount?

After a detailed process due diligence, getting to know paper-based documents and the client’s needs, we can suggest how you should start the necessary digitization. As part of our accounting and payroll services, we provide an ECMS system that enables the development of a paperless office and automated approval processes.

Technology is always expensive, how can I reduce the cost of technology introduction?

You do not need to purchase the programs, as these are the part of our services, so after the implementation work required to use the given system, only a user-based, discounted license fee will be charged.

How can BPiON help me to improve / optimize my financial / HR processes?

Within the framework of our services, we always strive for efficiency, so we are constantly coming up with development suggestions, through the knowledge of our senior specialists, and also based on our experience gained in other client projects and industries. We are also happy to take on a role as a consultant in process optimization, in which case we examine your systems and processes in use along with a pre-defined work program as part of our due diligence services and make suggestions for development opportunities. If required, we also take part in the implementation.

Who provides technical support to my financial or payroll team?

If you have any questions or problems with the systems, BPION technology team is at your service.

Can BPiON provide a T&A system for its clients?

Of course, yes. However, it is also possible to connect to the client’s system. If we provide the time and attendance system, we can provide it with favorable license conditions and can easily e.g. manage to leave permitting, scheduling, working hours, and other absences via web.

Which outsourced business process services can I choose from?

In addition to accounting, payroll, and HR administration outsourcing services, our portfolio also includes SSC support, corporate secretarial, digital process development and onsite outsourcing services.

I don’t want to outsource our financial / payroll processes, but we would need to improve those processes. Can BPiON help us with this too?

Our process development specialists are happy to help with the due diligence and analysis of the processes, as well as with the implementation of the developments

What aspects should I consider when announcing a payroll tender?

Choosing the right payroll service provider and building an effective collaboration start with a carefully prepared tender. It is important that the client considers well about the tasks, details the expectations, so he will receive truly comparable tenders.

How to choose the right payroll outsourcing provider?

During Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), many questions arise on both the pros and cons sides. This is also the case of payroll outsourcing. Whether we are talking about changing current payroll service providers or outsourcing from in-house, we need to consider the following issues that affect the decision.

Can I count on your help / does your advisory service to consider the accounting and tax implications of major financial transactions, international transactions?

Yes of course. Our goal is that our clients could look at us as their colleagues, and trust us. In such cases, you can consult with our professionally trained project office and tax experts on the issues to be considered.

Will I be informed in time about the deadline for the payment of VAT, wages, and other taxes?

With the help of advanced workflow management in both finance and payroll, we manage our clients’ processes, which also include automated due date calendars and referral tranfers, thus ensuring the timely delivery of information on incurred obligations and costs. Calendars are calibrated during the implementation process, taking into account client needs and deadlines imposed by related areas (such as accounting and payroll in case of different providers).

What is BPiON’s responsibility in case of penalty by NAV?

The BPiON professional team handles the tasks of our clients with full care, and multi-stage control functions are built into our service structure. In spite of all mitigations, as we work with people, there’s a minimal chance for error. However, you will not be harmed in this case either, as we have professional liability insurance, which covers both our accounting and payroll services, and can even give cover to other service elements and regional level, taking the burden of responsibility off your shoulders.

Which financial statement standards can be required?

In addition to local accounting standards, our accountants are fully compliant with IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP, and can easily master the detailed requirements defined by your special accounting regulations.

Can BPiON help me prepare an accounting policy?

Yes, our compliance team is also happy to assist you in preparing general accounting policies.

Can I use an advisory service regarding accounting and payroll professional issues?

Yes, we are at your disposal for questions, we have an experienced team of experts, so you can get professional answers to almost any questions on the field of accounting, wages, taxes, or even social insurance.

Is it possible to outsource only a part of my accounting?

Of course, this is possible, or if you want to carry out the performance of the given sub-task at your site, we can also provide an onsite colleague. Some examples of these tasks: invoicing, any onsite tasks due to paper-based accounting inputs, or other tasks that require regular discussions.

In the coronavirus crisis, I faced some problems in my payroll processes. How can BPiON support the development of these areas/risk reduction?

Also, we are happy to provide you our external BCP consulting and standby payroll services. First, as a payroll outsourcing provider, we place an extremely strong emphasis on the security requirements required for both the physical and IT environments, including prudent BCP processes. 

I issue Hungarian invoices from an ERP system. Can you help me to report the invoice data in online?

BPiON has developed the TAXapiON solution, which provides our clients a truly cost-effective and full compliance. It includes monitoring service, GDPR compliant communication channel, and professional IT and VAT support